Are you frustrated by what’s going on in Kansas?

Maybe one of these issues is your personal pet peeve?

• Voter ID laws

• Open gun carry

• Payday loan interest rates

• Harsh penalties for non-violent crimes

• Stand your ground laws

• Laws that challenge the dignity of the poor and those needing services

• A Foster Care system that’s lost more than 70 kids

Or whatever is rubbing you the wrong way.

It’s time to let your opinion be heard.

Sitting at home, yelling at your televisions set, or talking bad about our elected officials, is not going to change a thing.

Change comes from getting involved.

Change comes from speaking out, especially to those who have power to bring about the change you want.

That’s why we’re heading to Topeka on Thur., Feb. 21, for Kansas Black Legislative Day. We want the legislators to put a face to the people concerned about and affected by our issues. That’s why we’re heading straight to the capitol.

We’re calling for a coalition of African Americans from across the state to show up at the capitol, be seen, and ask for something.

Please join us for what will be an informative, effective and powerful day.

We’ll learn more about the legislative process and how and where grassroots groups and individuals can get involved to make an impact for change. We’ll receive a report on the State of Black Kansas, as a way of better understanding our community’s needs.

We’ll visit both the Kansas House and Senate to see government in action, but also to be seen.

Over lunch, members of the Kansas Black Legislative Caucus will join us for lunch and provide us with some much needed insight on the process and the issues.

In addition, it will be a great day to meet other activists and concerned citizens from across the state. You’ll find out more about what they’re doing and potentially build collaborations around common issues and concerns.

You’ll get back home feeling better, because you had a day with purpose. You told it like it is, stood up, got involved, and confronted power.

The Kansas Black Legislative Day is a collaborative effort of several grass roots, civic and educational bodies from across the state. In addition to the Kansas Black Leadership Council, sponsors include:

The Kansas Black Leadership Council

The Kansas African American Affairs Commission

The Kansas State Conference of NAACP Branches

The Kansas Black Legislative Caucus

We’d love to have more groups and organizations join our effort. Invite your sorority or fraternity members, church, social, civic or professional organization to make attendance at Kansas Black Legislative Day part of their civic outreach.

Registration is $25 and includes continental breakfast and lunch. Registration can be done online at or mail a check to KBLC, P.O. Box 20804, Wichita, KS. Registration deadline is Monday, Feb. 18.

Any questions, feel free to give me or Kenya Cox, director of the Kansas African American Affairs Commission a call. My office number is (316) 681-1155. Kenya’s number is (785) 296-4874.

Bonita Gooch, President

Kansas Black Leadership Council

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