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Dr. Joseph Anthony & Cheryl Snorgrass

Dr. Joseph Anthony & Cheryl Snorgrass were married on August 14, 1976 in Kansas City, Kansas, at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church. Their honeymoon, a trip to Hawaii, came 10 years later.

Cheryl is an Exceptional Education Coordinator for Kansas City Public Schools. Joseph is a Professor of Communications at Avila University.

When was the first time you became aware of your spouse and what was your impression? 

Cheryl – I first noticed Joseph my freshman year at the University of Kansas, he came to one of my classes to see one of his closet friends who was also in the class. I thought that he was nice looking.

Joseph – She was stunning! I put on my Sunday best to meet her.

Did you go to the same school? 

We both attended the University of Kansas.

How long have you been together? 

We started dating shortly after meeting in September 1972 and have been married for 42 years.

Where was your first date? 

Our first date was in Lawrence. We went to the movies and then to a campus party.

Who said I love you first? 

Cheryl -I don’t remember.

Joseph – Cheryl did!

Which of you proposed, where and how? 

Joseph proposed on Valentine’s Day 1976, in the TV room at my home in KC. He drove to Kansas City from Columbus, OH, where he was attending graduate school at Ohio State University … just to visit, which he did often. But this time his visit was a surprise. While we were looking at the paper to find a movie, he surprised me with an engagement ring.

What’s the one thing, apart from you, that your spouse would save in a fire? 

We have become the keeper of records for both sides of the family and have been blessed to be custodian of archival pieces that date back to the Civil War including military discharge papers, diplomas from Lincoln University, marriage records, Bibles, manuscripts and books, photos, keepsake jewelry, and some things from our son’s early life like his first pair of baby shoes and of course his first pair of Jordans.

What do you like best about your spouse? 

Cheryl – He is loyal, funny, talented, generous and has a beautiful spirit.

Joseph – Cheryl is beautiful, loving, giving, and takes care of business. She is my special joy and a great mom.

What are the special names you have for each other? 

Cheryl calls Joseph “Joey” which was his boyhood nick name. Joseph calls Cheryl – Rico or Cherika – both of which he just made up as terms of endearment!

Where do you go the most as a couple (besides church)? We love to go out to eat, we like to travel together.

Who’s more social? 

Joseph has always been gregarious and that’s one of the things I like about him… he goes out of his way to talk to all people regardless of their walk in life be it king, queen or lay citizen. Cheryl on the other hand is friendly but a bit more cautious and is a bit more reserved until she gets to know you.

Who’s the neat freak? 

Cheryl is very neat and orderly but Joseph was an Eagle Scout and spent a lot of time in ROTC while in high school so he just kind of got used to having things in their place… he has a self-diagnosed case of OCD.

Who does the cooking? 

Cheryl watches all the cooking shows on TV and loves to bake. So Cheryl cooks – Joseph cleans! That’s our deal…. But when Joseph cooks he prepares an out-of-this world omelet and wonderful toast!

Who’s the most sensitive? 

Joseph doesn’t let many things bother him; he just let’s most things roll off …. So, I’m there to add the gentler and kinder side. Sort of like the ying to his yang. That’s what makes it work so well.

How many children do you have? 

We have one son who lives in New York City.

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