Broderick Huggins was installed as the Senior Pastor of St. James Missionary Baptist Church in Wichita on Sun. Sept. 30, following a special week of services with dynamic guest speakers.

He replaces Pastor J. P. Dennis who served St. James for more than 50 years until his passing in 2015. Following Pastor Dennis’ death, longtime Associate Pastor James Fields took over as interim pastor.

This is Pastor Huggins second time heading a church in Wichita. In the 80s he was senior pastor of Greater New Testament Baptist Church. While there, he grew the congregation to 500, finished the new church building, moving the congregation from Wabash to Hydraulic.

He relocated to California in 1988. During the 30 years he was there, he earned several degrees, and helped grow two more churches. But everything wasn’t perfect, Huggins sadly lost his son at the hands of police brutality, and he had to deal with a congregation dispute, that was ultimately resolved.

More than 50 of his former church members of St. Paul Baptist, in California, made the trip to Wichita for his installation.

Huggins, is married to First Lady Toni Huggins. He has two remaining children, Alethea and Broderick II, who were raised by their mother Sarah.

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