The Merc Coop, known for its healthy food, quality produce and meat and excellent bakery and deli, will do more than just fill a shopping void for KCK residents who reside near downtown. The Merc will bring a new and unique, quality grocery store option to the Kansas City market.

With only one existing grocery store, currently in Lawrence, KS, the Merc has been able to survive in part because of its quality offerings, but also because of its cooperative ownership model. Without a big corporate structure to support and stock holders looking for large dividend checks, The Merc has also been able to keep its prices competitive with the much bigger chains. 

This isn’t an Aldi’s or a Sav-a-lot, think closer to Whole Foods or Trader Joes, but not quite as exclusive. Think more early 70s hippies that grew up and got better. In fact that’s exactly the history of The Merc. A small group of Lawrencians, acting on their shared passion for community access to whole foods, organized a buying club distributing bulk foods out of one of the member’s homes.

That was 1973 and buy 1974 the Community Mercantile had their first grocery location. They’ve continued to grow ever since, upgrading their location three more times, expanding their product offering, and rebranding themselves as The Merc.

Sure you can buy produce, meat, deli items and bakery goods at The Merc, but it’s known for its quality products and locally sourced foods.

Produce The produce department follows strict certified organic standards and, dictated by season, carries 60-80% certified organic produce, purchased from over 30 local farms.

Meat All of the meats are free of antibiotics and added hormones. You’ll find locally raised Kansas beef and pork, free range chicken, and wild-caught sustainable seafood. They also make their own signature items like their Merc Made sausage.

Deli The deli features over 70 unique items available every day, all made from scratch using ingredients and organic produce in the grocery store. Each day, you can explore their soup, salad and hot bar, or have a sandwich made to order.

Bakery The bakery also uses products from the store. With dozens of treat cooked on site each day, with the menu changing based on the season.

Classes The store offers a rich variety of classes for kids to adults on cooking and healthy eating. The classes in Lawrence are not free. Hopefully they’ll offer some healthy eating and cooking classes free or at a reduced cost in the KCK store.

Dine in Take your food to go, or dine in at what will be one of KCK’s new, good, places to eat.

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