Black Kansans: The per capita imprisonment rate for Black people in Kansas in 2016 was 2,214 per 100,000 adult residents, a rate nearly seven times that of white adults in the state. That year, Black people constituted 30% of the prison population, but only 6% of the state population.

Female Kansans: Over the past decade, the number of women in Kansas prisons has grown at three times the rate of men. In 2017, more than half of the women imprisoned had been convicted of an offense not involving violence.

Older Kansans: Though generally considered to pose a negligible risk to public safety, the prison population older than 50 years has increased 9% since 2005 and accounted for nearly 1 in 5 people in Kansas prisons.

Mentally Ill: The Department of Corrections reports that 2 in 5 (39%) of people serving time in Kansas prisons in 2017 had been diagnosed with a mental illness, and 22% had serious mental health needs.

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