The Project Wichita, community engagement process, identified the following focus areas as important to address in the development of a “dream” Wichita. Each focus area includes some example of feedback provided.

Downtown Area (Feedback included: Downtown development and innovation, Old Town, Delano and entertainment districts, retail shopping and grocery store)

Riverfront (Feedback included: Create destination place for entertainment, leverage river as community destination, performing arts venue and conference/convention center)

Strong Neighborhoods and Communities (Feedback included: Affordable housing options, support unique and diverse neighborhood cultures, safety and infrastructure issues)

Cultural Arts and Attractions (Feedback included: Cultural investment in museums, art, entertainment and restaurants, natural attractions, festivals, diverse entertainment options)

Economic Opportunity (Feedback included: Industry diversity and balance, emphasis on technology, promote education hub, workforce development)

Transportation (Feedback included: Completion of Kellogg and regional expressways, enhanced/improved public transit, air service and connections, passenger trains and bike/walking paths)

Education (Feedback included: K-12 improvement and investment, all levels of higher education and pathways, increased emphasis on STEM, establish goals for graduation and global preparedness)

Community Wellness (Feedback included: Mental health care, access to quality health care, care for aging populations, homelessness, and food deserts).

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