What works for one office in length, doesn’t work in another office and what works on one person, doesn’t work on another.  It was hard to find a consensus on what’s the appropriate lengths for a skirt or dressier shorts (if at all) in an office environment, but here are a few rules that seemed consistent. 

Finger tip test.  Remember in high school, they used to make you be able to hold your arms and finders down by your side and if your dress was shorter that your longest finger – it was too short.  That test seems to me a minimum standard for office. 

Can you sit down in the skirt comfortably.  If when you sit, the folks across the room can get  a pretty good view of your underwear, the dress is probably too short for an office. 

If you’re wearing a short skirt, for an office, don’t pair it with high heels.  That combination is a little to reminiscent of a night out.  Definitely pair a short skirt with flat or low heals in an office environment.  Those 5-inch heals with a short skirt are more appropriate for a night out with the girls or with your guy. 

If you’re going to wear a short skirt, pair it with a more conservative top, nothing too strappy or revealing and it will look more like a coed or school girl look. 

Although not appropriate for the summer, matching a short skirt with dark tights also tones down the severity of the look.  

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