Washington received the largest influx of millennials both in terms of net influx and net influx relative to population.

It looks as though millennials are heading west, and south west, but also south and south east. 

According to a recent study released by Yahoo, Washington is the most popular state for millennials.  This state received nearly 40,000 more millennials than it lost last year. 

Washington was not the only western state to crack this top 10: Colorado, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona are also in the top 10. Colorado and Oregon in particular were popular landing spots for millennial’s. Colorado received over 26,500 more millennials than it lost and for Oregon that number was just under 12,000. Nevada and Arizona had slightly less spectacular numbers, receiving 8,800 and 7,000 millennial’s, respectively.

The South makes up the rest of the states in our top 10.

The no. 2 ranking state is Texas, with a net influx of nearly 34,000 millennials, followed by Virginia which gained 18,300 more millennials than it lost. Georgia, North Carolina and Florida round out the top 10. Georgia saw its population of millennial’s increase by 17,600, North Carolina saw a net influx of just under 10,000 millennials, while Florida received just under 7,200.

You may be aware that, because of this youthful generation’s unique living and spending habits, so far they’re forgoing suburban living that appealed to their parents.  For that reason, many cities are pinning their future hopes on attracting and holding on to millennials for decades to come. In particular, cities have been working hard to appeal to the most educated persons in this most educated generation, believing that their entrepreneurial spirit and technological savvy can spur innovation and urban revitalization. Nearly 57% of millennials says they want to live in a big city or an inner suburb near the city. 

With that in mind, here are the cities – beyond states —  they’re moving to. 

Dallas, TX

Chicago, IL

Denver, CO

Seattle, WA

Atlanta, GA

Los Angeles, CA

Portland, OR

Charlotte, NC

Washington DC

Phoenix (Scottsdale)

So far, it’s been accepted that millennials are at the forefront of remaking cities. But is it true? If so, where is it most apparent? Are there cities that at the vanguard, and others that lag?

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This is a great talker. Why are so many millennial headed to the South and out West? Why aren’t any states in the Northeast on the list?

1. Washington

2. Texas

3. Colorado

4. Virginia

5. Georgia

6. Oregon

7. North Carolina

8. Nevada

9. Florida

10. Arizona

– Where Are Millennials Moving – 2018 Edition

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