The 100 Man Mow is a challenge for 100 Black men in Wichita to cut 100 yards on Sat., June 23.

“While we are focusing primarily on assisting the elderly, handicapped, sick and shut-in, our hope is to spark a movement that sets the challenge to reclaim our community by creating a sense of energy, collaboration, and unity that can spark other similar community efforts,” organizer Kevin Harrison said in a statement.

Harrison is a native Wichitan and a doctoral candidate at Wichita State University, where he is the community engagement coordinator for the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.

“This grassroots effort is spearheaded by the men of the community and for the community, rather than … political machinery or structured organizations – ordinary men deciding to do the extraordinary by taking control of the narrative of what and who Black men are,” he said.

Men who want to do the 100 Man Mow will meet at 6 a.m. Sat., June 23, at the fenced field at 13th Street and Vesta.

The target area is the community covering the zip codes 67219, 67214 and 67208.

If you need your lawn mowed or want to mow, call Harrison at 316-253-5541 or join the Facebook group Keepin’ It 100 –

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