Although we love dear old dad all-year round, Father’s Day is the one day a year where we can really spoil him with all of his favorite things.

As the big day approaches, we decided to use Google search volume data to find out which state shows their dads the most love on Father’s Day. We based our findings on search volume per capita of commonly Googled phrases like “Father’s Day gifts” or “Father’s Day ideas.”

So, who exactly spoils their dads the most on this special day? Let’s take a look at the data.

Coming in at #50 on our list is South Carolina, which is surprising considering that it’s surrounded by plenty of states who are eagerly searching for Father’s Day gifts—like Georgia (#2), Florida (#8), North Carolina (#9), and Virginia (#6).

And it turns out that New Yorkers and Vermonters aren’t as keen on Father’s Day either, coming in at #49 and #48, respectively, on our list. It also looks like residents in Montana and West Virginia might be waiting until the last minute for gifts for dad, as they come in at #47 and #46 according to our data.

The Midwest region falls in the middle of the pack when it comes to spoiling their dads with Ohio coming in at #27, Michigan coming in at #26, Indiana coming in at #33, Illinois coming in at #21, Wisconsin coming in at #39, Minnesota coming in at #29, and Iowa coming in at #35.

Not all states were hum drum about Father’s Day, however, with some of the most enthusiastic celebrators of dads hailing from the east coast. New Jersey comes in on our list at #3 and Maryland comes in at #5, with Massachusetts (#12), Delaware (#16), and Connecticut (#17) not too far behind.

We found that the Southwest region of the U.S. in particular really loves to celebrate dads—with Utah (#7), Colorado (#10), California (#11), Arizona (#13), and Nevada (#18) all coming in at the top of the list.

Another interesting trend we noticed was the stark difference between states that share part of their name: South Dakota is near the bottom of our list at #44, while North Dakota comes in at #4. South Carolina, as we mentioned earlier, came in right at the bottom, but North Carolina was in the top 10. And finally, West Virginia (#46) was in the bottom five, yet Virginia came in at #6.

After looking through all of our data, the biggest question was this: Who gets to crown themselves the biggest celebrator of Father’s Day? That would be none other than Texas. But is this really surprising to anyone? As we all know, everything is done bigger (and sometimes better) in the great state of Texas. No matter what, we sure hope dads across the country know just how special they are to their family and friends, on Father’s Day, and every day of the year.

– Google

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