@ KCTV-5, meteorologist

Age: 31

College: State University New York — Oswego

Years in the industry? 3.5

Where were you working before you joined KCTV? KQTV in St. Joseph, MO

What’s the hardest part of your job? Meteorology is not an exact science. And yet, I strive for every single one of my forecasts to verify its accuracy. For my viewers and myself. There’s always room for improvement.

What’s the easiest part of your job? It’s hard to single out an easy part, but how about this. Out of all of the hours that I’ve worked over the past few years, I can honestly say most of them didn’t seem like “work”. Weather has always been my passion. And I always tell people, especially the younger generations, to do something they’re passionate about.

What do you like most about the Kansas City market? The weather!!! This is one of the few places in the country that truly experiences all four seasons.

What’s something interesting and fun about yourself that people may not know? I’m very sneaky. Corners and shadows always work to my advantage whenever I want to give someone a good scare.

Who is your favorite music artist and what is your favorite genre of music to listen to? My favorite music artist is J. Cole and I mainly listen to Hip-Hop and R&B.

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