@ KSHB, meterologist, since Sept. 2015

Age: 27

College: University of Oklahoma

Years inindustry? 4.5

Where were you working before you joined KSHB? Elmira, New York. This was my very first job out of college.

What’s the hardest part of your job? The hardest part of my job would be trying to be thick skinned. In this business you’ll find someone who wants to say something negative about you and you have to ignore it and not let it bother you and sometimes that can be extremely hard especially since I do the weather. No one ever remembers when we’re right but when we’re wrong I hear about it and the comments in the email are not nice at all.

What’s the easiest part of your job? The easiest part of my job is the community involvement. I love going to schools and talking about the weather and about science. Growing up I watched Dave Freeman at KSN and Merril Teller at KWCH and its always cool to see someone from TV in your classroom, you never know who you are inspiring to become a scientist. This is probably the most fulfilling part of my job.

What do you like most about the Kansas City market? I really like that there is always something to do and that there are good restaurants to go to, so much variety. I should also point out to that it’s fairly close to home, I’m from Wichita so it is nice to just get in the car and drive home for a quick weekend getaway. Before moving to Kansas City it used to be 24 hours and two plane rides just to get home so being in KC is a big plus.

What’s something interesting and fun about yourself that people may not know? Something interesting is that even though I love the weather I’m also a big space nerd. I love NASA and I had two space grants while at The University of Oklahoma, so if I ever got out of broadcasting I’d probably try to work at NASA.

Who is your favorite music artist and what is your favorite

genre of music to listen to? I listen to pretty much anything depending on my mood but it’s mostly rap and of course Beyonce.

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