John H. Wright, Jr. and Karen Wright married on June 6, 1981 at Calvary Baptist Church in Wichita. They honeymooned in Kansas City, KS/MO.

John currently works as a freelance journalist for KPTS Channel 8 and has spent over eight years working with youth at McAdams Park.

Karen works at Wichita State University in the College of International Engineering as a student advisor.

When was the first time you became aware of your spouse and what was your impression? I first became aware of John in high school but I didn’t like him; I thought he was a show off. He always had to be the best dancer and the center of attention at all the parties. John and I met again when I transferred to Wichita State. We were both in broadcasting. He told me he was the president of the Radio and Television Club. I wanted to be a member, so he invited me to come out to KFDI to observe his responsibilities as club president. He was honest when he said he worked at KFDI. But there was no Radio and Television club at Wichita State. That was his way of introducing himself to me.

Did you go to the same school? We attended different high schools. I’m a Wichita North High graduate, my husband John is a Wichita Heights graduate.

How long have you been together? We have been together for 38 years and married for 37 years.

Where was your first date? Our first date was by the river at Century II.

Who said I love you first? John told me he loved me first.

Which of you proposed, where and how? John proposed to me in a posh restaurant on the west side.

What’s the one thing, apart from you, that your spouse would

save in a fire? Aside from me, John would save our sons. He is very devoted to our boys.

What do you like best about your spouse? He’s loving, forgiving and funny. He’s a man who loves his family.

What’s are the special names you have for each other? Not too many special names. ‘Hey Love’ is one.

Where do you go the most as a couple (besides church)? We mostly go to dinner, we like eating at Cheddars or Texas Roadhouse and we go to movies and sporting events as a couple.

Who’s more social? My husband John is definitely more social! I’m the shy one.

Who the neat freak? I am definitely the neat freak. You know, ‘A’-type personality, organized, structured. John is a hoarder. John: We are like Felix and Oscar, I keep everything but when we need it I got it. 

Who does the cooking? John does most of the cooking. His grandmother primarily raised him when he was young. Cooking reminds him of spending time in his grandmother’s kitchen. Cooking also relaxes him, he enjoys it and he’s good at it. I wouldn’t dream of taking that away from him (smile).

Who’s the most sensitive? When it comes to protecting his family, John is more sensitive and aggressive at the same time. When it comes to other things along this journey called life, I am more sensitive and passionate.

How many children, grandchildren, and/or great grandchildren do you have? John and I have three sons: John III, Aaron and Matthew and three grandchildren.

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