Congressman John Conyers, isn’t the only member of his family with a history of troubles. Among many things, his son John III was recently involved in a domestic violence issue, the younger son Carl was the subject of a missing person search in November 2016 and his wife Monica Conyers served time in prison on corruption charges.

Monica Conyers, 52, was elected to the Detroit City council in 2005 and rose to council president. In 2010, she pleaded guilty to corruption charges and was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for accepting money in exchange for her vote on a $1 billion sludge-hauling deal. She was released from probation in August 2014, eight months early.

Monica, a former staffer in the congressman’s office, and the congressman wed in 1990, however in 2015 it looked like the couple’s marriage was about to end with the couple counter suing for divorce. However, after a year of battling the couple surprisingly ended their dispute and renewed their vows in an outdoor ceremony in August 2016.

Young Carl was just 14 when mom went off to prison, and life without mom and a father who split his time between D.C. and Detroit may have led to some of his challenges. He was a student at the University of Houston when his three-day disappearance set off a national manhunt. He was eventually found unharmed and back in his apartment.

Conyers III, 27, caused an ethics problem in late 2010. The congressman had to reimburse the U.S. Treasury $5,682 for his son’s misuse of his taxpayer-funded Cadillac Escalade.

“There is no excuse for the nonofficial use of a government vehicle,” Rep. Conyers said in a December 2010 statement. “I have taken steps to ensure that it will not happen again.”

Earlier this year, Conyers III was reportedly involved in an incident that resulted in his girlfriend sustaining a stab wound.

The report from the LA County District Attorney’s Office concludes that “a misdemeanor domestic battery could not be proven” but shows Conyers III was in a fight with his girlfriend last February that ended with her sustaining a stab wound to her arm that required stitches. The incident was first reported by NBC News and The New York Times.

Conyers’ endorsement of his son – who has no political experience – to replace him was seen as a snub to his great-nephew Ian who was elected to serve in the Michigan State Senate a little over a year ago. The snub quickly escalated to a potential family feud when Sen. Conyers retweeted – but later deleted – a link to a 2010 blog highlighting controversial social media posts by Conyers III and suggesting his family “needs to do damage control immediately.”

The posts included multiple photos of Conyers III, then underage, posing with bottles of alcohol, including one picture of him holding a bottle of Moet behind the steering wheel of a Cadillac.

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