This past spring the UG Board of commissioners voted to rename the John F. Kennedy Community Center (JFK), so on Sept. 30, in a ceremony honoring the legendary Beatrice Lee, the center was renamed the Beatrice L. Lee Community Center.

Ms. Lee retired from the city in 1995 but she didn’t retire from public service. She served for more than 20 years as the president of the Douglass-Sumner Neighborhood Association. When drugs began infesting the neighborhood, she stepped up and she played a big part in getting the drugs out of her neighborhood and she has never stopped working to improve her city.

Her daughters says she’s received at least 75 awards and recognition but this recognition has to be among the biggest of them in depth of its recognition and in size. It’s a pretty big deal when you get a building named after you, especially one as big as the Beatrice L. Center.

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