This dynamic duo have two things to be excited about. They are the top winners in “The Community Voice’s” annual Mother & Daughter Look-a-Like Contest and, daughter Katelyn Nevins is graduating from Nickerson High School on Saturday. We wonder which accomplishment, they’re most excited about?

This duo reside in Hutchinson where mom, Melissa Nevins, is an accountant with the Kansas Department of Transportation. Katelyn will be transitioning from high school to the work place this summer.

Besides looking a alike, what do these two have in common? They both enjoy singing, dancing and shopping. While their clothing styles aren’t much alike, they both like straightening their hair and putting on makeup. They also share similar attitudes and facial expressions. Their favorite activity to do together is to shop and just laugh.

“We’ve been told we could be sisters or twins,” said Melissa. “In my hometown of Concordia, Katelyn has been mistaken for me and Facebook even has problems tagging our pictures often confusing Katelyn for me.”

Melissa nickname for Katelyn: “Mini Me.”

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