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Spring Clean Your Credit Do you know what’s in your credit report and how to get things corrected.  Also, hear tips for moving your credit score up quickly.  Financing big dreams requires a much bigger credit score. 

Senior Focus

What You  Need to Know About Social Security Since most Americans  will depend on Social Security as their major source of retirement income, it’s worth coming to this workshop to learn more about what you can expect from Social Security and how you can maximize your retirement income.

End of Life Decisions A Proactive vs Reactive Approach   There are a lot of late life legal and planning issues that if addressed in advance can help make your last days, and your homegoing easier for you and your loved ones. 

Real Estate 

Flip That Flop — What you should know before dipping into house flipping and options for inherited property.

It sure looks easy on TV, but learn about the many pitfalls and some how too’s of house flipping.  In another related issue, the presenter will explore options for what to do with an inherited property.  Big Mama’s house may be falling down, plus you’re dealing with siblings who can’t agree on next steps. 

Tips on Being a Success in the Rental Housing Business  Making money in  the rental real estate has its rewards and risks.  Learn how to win versus lose in this game. 

Grow & Protect

Moving Beyond Savings to Grow Your Money  Putting all your money in a savings account won’t gain you much but the risks are low.  Look at balancing risks versus growth in options beyond savings accounts. 

Protecting Yourself From Fraud and Scams Learn to be safe online and in the real world.  There’s a new scam almost every day.  Learn about current scams and how to spot a scam before you get caught.

Young at Heart

Making Smart Financial Moves Early   This workshop is one of two geared towards young people 15 to 30 who are just starting on their financial journey.  Learn about common mistakes and smart moves to make that will get you off on the right foot early. 

From Zero to 800 — Getting Started With Credit  It’s often hard to get credit when you’re just getting started.  Learn some ideas that will help you move your credit score from 0 to 800 in rapid fashion.  Learn techniques like how to finance a car with out needing a co-signer and what are the most important first credit moves to make and not make. 

Debt Management

Preparing for Homeownership  Besides getting your debt to income ratio in order, there are a lot of things to do to get prepared for homeownership.  Representatives from Capital Federal, one of the state’s largest home mortgage companies, tells you what you need to know to get prepared for homeownership and a mortgage. 

Adopting a Lifestyle for Wealth  If you lose weight, you won’t keep it off unless you change your eating habits. The same holds true for wealth building, it requires a change of habits and change in your relationship with money. 


Looking for a Summer Job?  This session will  help prepare participants for summer employment.  Learn where to look for a job, what goes into an application, how to prep for an interview and more.  This workshop runs from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Participants will break for lunch and participate  in Expo Financial Summit.  Taught by Tempress Calhoun

Kids Zone  

Lots of fun financial related activities for children ages 5 and above  Special presentations from several key presenters including: 

•SocialPreneur Lab  “You are never too young to learn to earn,” taught by Jamela Peterson

•The Saving Game, facilitated by Prisca  Barnes, StoryTime Village

•Special Visit with Mr. Cool Money 

•Free Book —  “Just Saving Money,” by Mercer Mayer. 

Credit Reports

Free Credit Reports  When is the last time you looked at your credit report.  Stop by our credit room and one of our consultants will pull and print your report for you.  

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