Winter Soul Talent Showcase

Luxury Music Group hosted their Winter Soul event Jan.28 at the 40 Plus lounge bringing out all the grown and sexy, but they didn’t stop there because they also brought out the hottest artist Wichita has to offer! There was a great participating crowd, but a phenomenal list of performers that included – just to name a few — Des The Poet, Tiffany Wilson and Mr. “Shut the building down” Willie Wactor III on his saxophone. It was great to be out supporting these great acts who held it down. However, there was a little sad note to the event, this may be the last event at 40 Plus. It appears the owners are closing it down. It was definitely one of the nicest spots in Wichita and the owners were great lovers and supporters of local and regional artists. We’re SAD.

Loony Bin Event

If you lost track of the comedy club The Loony Bin since they moved from 21st and Woodlawn, never fear, they’re still here. The club is now located downtown at 2nd & St. Francis, where still coming up to bat and hitting a home run every time. On Fri., Feb. 3, The Partytime crew was on hand and checked out some of the funniest comics we’ve seen so far. For starters the host, and Oklahoma native, Andrew Rose kept the crowd engaged throughout the entire show.

First comic up was Brian Stephens, who like Rose was from Oklahoma City. His jokes about how he changes the game by making Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmo sounds when the doctor gives him his annual checkup. Of course, he does all this in hopes of detouring the doc from doing his duties that men so much hate. You know, that personal and intimate moment most men dread. He didn’t stop there! His jokes, that left disclaimers on t-shirts and underwear, had us in stitches. Too Funny!

Saving the best for last, The Loony Bin pulled out all the stops and brought out the modern day King of Comedy Mr. Toney Tone a well-known celebrity comic and actor. He’s an experienced stand-up comic, a screen actor, and this brother is the ringmaster of the UniverSoul Circus. Based on his performance at Loony Bin – that must be one heck of a three-ring show. People often couldn’t catch their breaths from him rolling them right into one gut busting laugh to another! Especially when he clowned our hotels and told us that he had a great view, but it was of the hotel he wished he had been booked into. Or his rendition of what it was like when Michael Jackson make it to the pearly gates and James Brown was there to greet him and introduce him to other fallen stars. Now that was a moment!

Toney Tone’s impressions were so spot and his beat-boxing would have had you thinking you were down at the club. This one was so good, we wish we had an extra thumb to turn up. The Loony Bin is a great place to frequent if you war in the mood to bust a gut.

Rock Star Collegefest 2017

Club Bounce did it again! They exceeded the capacity limit on that huge club and had people waiting in a line wrapped around the building. This time, they came with a new and unique event Old Town has never seen before — Collegefest 2017. Students flooded the venue from all over the Midwest. Definitely represented were: Southwestern Missouri, UMKC, OU, Pratt, Hutch, KU, K-State, Cowley and of course WSU. Club Bounce management must have known the event was going to be huge; they gave the students an opportunity to party in the daytime with a rock star-like day party and then they rocked out again with a late night party. Nice! Our photographer Richard Kates caught a few snapshots!

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