It’s been more than a week since the election and, the surprising result is still the lead topic on newscasts and personal discussions. So, since folks are still talking about it, here’s my two cents worth.

On the protestors – Protesting as a form of demonstrating your dissatisfaction with something is a constitutional right that has served our nation well. While I don’t support riots or any forms of violence, I do support rallies where individuals clearly advocating “FOR” their position. More than being against something, these protest should be clear in saying what the protestors are for. In that vain, the reality is #Notmypresident, isn’t the best chant, unless you plan on leaving the country.

Hats off to the Kansas Democratic Party, and my young nephew Kerry Gooch their executive director. They got it right. The party identified quality candidates and successfully ran campaigns that stuck to the issues that concerned Kansans. As a result, they added ___ new representatives and one new senator to the Kansas Legislature. Our job now is to continue to mobilize in these elections whenever and wherever they occur.

My comments about the National Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are not as flattering. Both failed to deliver a message that voters could be passionate about. The message that came through the most was to be against something – a Donald Trump presidency – rather than being for anything.

Americans wanted change. Donald Trump was the voice of change and the Democrats offered more of the same thing. That’s why you found White Americans who voted twice for President Obama, voting for Trump. These same people voted for Obama because of his “Change We Can Believe in Message,” and eight years later they still want change.

The only way Hillary even remained close to Trump in this election was through the overwhelming support of African-American voters who still persist on remaining loyal to the Clinton’s and the Democratic Party, despite netting little for their loyalty.

It was our loyalty to the Clinton’s is what won Hillary the nomination over Bernie, who delivered a message for change that most people agree would have matched up against Trumps. We were so loyal that we wouldn’t even consider Bernie’s message. It’s this kind of blind loyalty that gets our issues ignored.

What happened this year though was a miscalculation, and not just by the pollsters. The Democrats plan of building a party off the backs of African Americans and other minorities didn’t work. They overestimated our support — particularly amongst the millennials — when they offered us little in return. Black folks turned out for Barrack in 2008 and 2012, because they were passionate about a Black president.

Black folks may not feel like they have anywhere to go, but the message Democrats need to take back and consider is, how can we can excite our base? For sure, it’s not by taking us for granted.

Some of you probably think I’m due some change back, but that’s about my two cents worth.

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