The Nathan Williams Quintet and Kirby’s Beer Store Small, but very quaint and sweet venue by the name of Kirby’s Beer Store, located off 17th and Grove, held one of the livest live band events of the year. It was hosted by Mr. Nathan Williams and his Nathan Williams Quintet. Mr. Williams, with all of his instruments was able to win us over with his skills on the piano, trumpet and the tuba. We later found out that wasn’t the be all to end all of his skill set! Mr. Williams also is highly trained on the saxophone. The team of expert artists that he brought with him included two drummers, a bass player, an electric guitarist and another keyboardist. They all know a thing or two about music, because they kept the notes flying so high above the crowd you didn’t know if you were coming into the new era of music or, enjoying the old.

Nicely enough, the venue boasted a great level of comfort and energy that left you with an at home feeling, but once the live music started, you felt alive! They played music with vibes from the early 60’s and incorporating even some our favorite Zapp and Roger band sounds. They even played one of my favorite Erykah Badu songs in their set.

The crowd, as diverse as it was, all felt at home with the music giving us the ability let music be the universal language. This language of music that they all played so well makes the Community Voice correspondent girls give this event huge kudos!

The highlight though, hands down, was meeting such a talented artist with the skill set to master multiple instruments. Mr. Williams, we thank you for the personal invite. You are a very gifted, and talented gem in Wichita and we look forward to enjoying another of your performances.

The State of the Union is Live The State of the Union had to convene somewhere and decided to do it at the infamous Steel Bar located off of 2nd and St. Francis. The nice, large venue was packed with artist of different types of talent. The first Open Mic show that we were able to attend that had artist performing their latest hits, but also their latest laughs. With rapper and comedians in the mix, this was the first of its kind. So you got to get your dance on and your laugh on in the same event. My type of event.

Shy loves to dance and laugh and I’m sure my girl Kandy B concurs. There were so many artist we couldn’t possibly name them all, but give a special thanks to Club Steel and The Midwest Shakedown for inviting us to such a crunk event. The crowd was live, but all the artist gave life!

Some of our favorites were Lux Ruegar who is a rapper who did his thang on stage. Commanding the mic with one of his most popular songs was “CHAMPION.” He ripped. The other artist that stood out to us was Satilla STS and he had the crowd interacting the whole time. Myself, even Ms. Kandy B, were shocked when he came up to me and sat while performing, brought me right into the show with him; had me hype! The group BDL, aka Bout Dat Life” we’ve caught before at the Back Yard Bar. They didn’t come to play at the State Of The Union Showcase either. They showed up probably 20+ deep, and had their entourage in their “BDL” attire and every time they got together on stage or in the crowd they shouted their chant, but on stage they were unstoppable. They had the crowd at their feet and dancing with them. I think we need some “Bout Dat Life” t-shirts so we can be down. Comedian Terrance Hayes had us dying laughing as he wrapped the show with his jokes and his dance moves as he embraced his title belt. This event was for the live and lively. Look forward to attending more Steele events in the future hosted by none other than Tone G. Thanks to the Steelebar for making this an event to attend!

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