Black Violin members, Wil B and Kev Marcus put a welcome and unique spin on being a violinist. Individually and together, Black Violin has collaborated with the likes of P. Diddy, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Tom Petty, Aretha Franklin and the Eagles, just to name a few. The duo will be in Wichita for a performance on Sat., Nov. 19 at the Orpheum Theater and we have six tickets (3 sets of 2 tickets each) to give away.

This is a unique contest for us. We’re going to use it as an opportunity to shine a light on some of our future musical stars. If you have a student who plays a string instrument, record them playing and send us a 30 second clip. That’s your entry to win.  Submit your video here or just message us on Facebook.  If submit your video via Facebook, make sure to include both the child and parent’s name.  

The winners of the tickets will be selected from a random drawing of all who submit an entry with a viable 30 second video attached. The child must be shown playing the string instrument and we must be able to open and view the video. Your child’s musical ability will have absolutely no influence in the selection process.

We will select some of the entries to post on Facebook. By entering, you are agreeing to allow us to post the video of your child on Facebook. We will only use the child’s first name on the post, unless you also authorize us to use both their first and last name.

The deadline to enter is Mon, Nov. 14 at 11:59 p.m. You can enter online here.

Tickets to see Black Violin start at $32.

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