If we were on the A list, tonight we could be enjoying the taping of BET’s “Love and Happiness: A Musical Experience,” on the lawn of the White House.  Of course we’d be among Washington and Hollywood Elite.

We’re told that the tent where the event is being held was for the State Dinner for the Italian Prime Minister earlier in the week.

Among the guest spotted at the event where Valerie Jarrett, Rep. Elijah Cummings, Ron Kirk, DNC chair Donna Brazile,  Jasmine Guy, Usher, Naomi Campbell, and Gayle King.

A sharply dressed crowd was entertained by a military jazz band and guided to their seats by military ushers until the president and First Lady entered to a chant of “Four more years!”

President Obama of as usual had his jokes, starting off with a comment about the funky beat that he was introduced to. “This must be a BET event,” he said, commenting that it was a long way from John Philip Souza.

He rattles off all the musicians he’s had at the White House: Buddy Guy, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Mick Jagger, etc, etc.

“This is our final musical evening as president and First Lady”, he said drawing “awwws.” “It’s going to be all right,” he said soothingly.

“This is one of the perks I will miss most along with Air Force One and Marine One,” POTUS said about music in the White House. He jokes in private life he won’t be able to call up Usher or Janelle Monae.

He added that he wouldn’t be singing Al Green tonigh and then talks about the history of musical performances at the White House.  He notes that the Kennedys also did reportedly did “The Twist” at the White House, which he called “the twerking of their time.”

“There will also be no twerking tonight. At least not by me,” heS said, joking that he can’t speak for Usher.

Jill Scott was the first performer for this event that will air later on BET.  So sad, the days of Obama are over and it looks like I’m not going to make it to the White House while he’s there.  

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