2 Chainz and the Bum Rush From the parking lot, to the front door of the Cotillion Ballroom, there were people coming out in droves to party with Mr. “El Chapo Jr.” the rapper himself and, what a United Nation’s it was – people of all races and ages. Our very own local Wichita Dj Cadence held down the one’s and the two’s with the opening acts, but by far the most memorable opening act was the rapper known as Elbert Mack! With his abundance of swag, his confidence and his energy, he got the crowd hype for what was to come.

2 Chainz held it from the beginning to the end of his set. He was lively and his raw talent left you in awe. As he got more live, so did the crowd. When he danced, so did the crowd. When he screamed… Well I am sure a few people left the ballroom with raspy voices.

The crowd however wasn’t ready when 2 Chainz body guards had to bum rush a guy off the stage. The “eager to party with the star” young man mobbed his way up onto the stage, but his days partying up close with the celebrity were short lived. Of course, with all those cell phone, the whole event was streamed lived.

Overall each song 2 Chainz performed made you want him to do another, and another, but by the close of the concert we were surprised there wasn’t a chant for an Encore! If Siskel and Ebert reviewed concerts instead of movies, 2 Chainz would have got two thumbs up. Well at least that is what The Community Voice would give him.


If you Missed Your Prom – or didn’t – You Could Re-Prom Just like your high school prom, but way classier, the show stoppers came out to show out in their best prom attire and, of course there were crowns at the end of the night. Prom King honors went to Tyreele Cornish who wore a pink suit with crushed red velvet shoes. The queen was Kierra Williams, who wore a handmade African-inspired prom dress. Both looked amazing and won by popularity of their ensembles, which hands down were highly deserved.

From the beginning to the end, the Re-Prom, this was a luxurious and classy evening. The caterer Taylor Chapman put her foot in it.

We caught up with the host DeAge’n Davis and her proud husband Kendall Davis who both had an outfit change during the evening. They truly laid it all out. We loved every minute, especially dancing to the spins of DJ Detroit, who spun tunes from the 90s and 2000’s. (Ms. Kandi B knows her music, since she DJ’s for KSUN 95.9 FM.)

DeAge’n says she has more events planned – stay tuned. We just know we’re coming back to re-prom next year in a limo.

Shy and Kandi

The Lame – Ooops, we meant The Game – Does Wichita First off, hats off to the team at Bounce for continuing to bring top notch events to Wichita. We loved the Labor Day Show with Sky from “Ink” hosting and were equally excited about the opportunity to enjoy an evening with the Game.

Well we weren’t the only one’s excited about the opportunity. Wichita showed up. All the ladies came out with hair, nails, and toes did – trying to be the next contestant on The Game’s hit reality TV show “She’s Got Game.” Not to mention the fellas in their fresh pressed attire and their Steve Harvey line ups, they didn’t come to play either.

Now to the Game himself. He came deep with his entourage on deck and looked all the parts of everything we’ve come to expect from the famous rapper. However, if even just hosting was the mission, access was denied.

We all have had our debates about rather he was here to host or perform and clearly the flier says host, but isn’t the point of hosting is to get the crowd out.. yeah check! Next getting the crowd engaged.. Well, yes check again, but that was after waiting the whole night and then The Game being on stage for twenty plus minutes before he finally addressed the crowd. Kinda disappointing. No live music was done by him and barely any of his songs were played by the DJ.

Wichita’s support was A1 like the steak sauce and we know everyone was looking to have a good time. The Game, however, we don’t want to start changing that first letter of his name to an “L,” because that would no bueno! We hope he comes back to Wichita and gives us the show Wichita was anticipating, but more so deserves, because we really know how to get down!


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