Click here for the form you need to get your free birth certificate to register to vote.  You’ll have to submit two supporting documents to prove your identity.  See that list below.  

If you don’t have any of the required documents to prove your citizenship, you can order a free copy of your birth certificate. The forms are online. You have to complete both an application for a copy of your birth certificate and an affidavit saying you need the birth certificate to register to vote. With the forms you need to submit two of the following documents.

•Social Security Number (social security card must be signed)

• Bank Statement with Current Address

• Car Registration or Title with Current Address

• Utility Bill with Current Address

• Current Pay Stub (must include your name, social security number plus name and address of business)

• Valid Insurance Card or Policy

• Valid Health Insurance Card or Policy

• Parole Document (book sheet)

• Inmate ID

• Filed Income Tax Form 1040 (with current address)

• Letter from Social Service Agency/Health Department or other Government Agency (with current address)

• Hospital or Health Agency Bill (with current address)

• Court Documents (with current address)

• W-2 from Employer (with current address)

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