It was my birthday weekend, so I was definitely up for something fun to do and Wichita didn’t disappoint. 


I started out early Saturday evening at the Young Urban Professionals of Wichita Dreamca­­tchers’ event at Abode.  I didn’t want to miss this event, because last year it offered a refreshing change from Wichita’s typical awards banquet.  This year they didn’t disappoint. 

The evening started off with a classy reception, with a young and diverse cross section of Wichita’s young professionals looking quite nice in their party wear.  The smooth sound offered up by the Sterling Gray Trio was icing on the cake. 


The main attraction got underway after a great hors d’Ouevres spread by Jodee B. I’m a big Jodee B chicken salad fan, so I was more than happy.  The spoken word performance by Big Sam and Kyle Aaron, reminded me this wasn’t the Urban League Dinner.  Jonathan Long and Danielle Johnson did a great job as MC’s and, with the energy and advice offered up by Christal Watson, Heartland Chamber of Commerce CEO, it all came together for a great start to my night. 

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The younger folks at Dreamchasers headed to Old Town for an after party at Club Bounce, but I headed east to Club 40 Plus for an Old School Party sponsored by the Wichita Alumni brothers at Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.   After the young folk’s energy, at first I thought I’d made a mistake.  Was this a party?  But things turned around.  The brothers were determined to make sure their guests had a good time.  They helped get people on the dance floor, with the brothers even asking some of us single women to dance.  At one point, I saw a men’s only performance of the electric slide.   I had to catch on film.  Something I’d never seen before; probably a first and a last.   Overall, with a few free drinks, and some grown folk’s conversation, it turned out to be a good night. 

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Sunday evening I capped off the weekend back at 40 Plus.  It was the scene for our Third Leo Party.  Club owners Chez Harrison and her dad Bones Woods had a special jazz concert performance planned with the group Flavour and our Leo group piggy-backed decided to take it over.  There are a lot of Leo’s, but celebrating with us were:  Vice Mayor Lavonta Williams, KS St. Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeu, KS St. Rep Gail Finney, retired school psychologist Sandra Rankin and Realtor and “still so in demand her regulars won’t let her quit” hair stylist Ernestine Curtis.   It was a Leo’s live event – and I’m not talking about the band.  I’ll have to leave off the details, but here’s what I can say — just because you have a title, it doesn’t mean you don’t know how to party.  

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