With just 21 Black Banks in the United States, the likely-hood there’s one in your community is rather slim. Most of the Black banks are based in urban areas with large African-American populations. For example, Atlanta is the home to three Black-owned Banks. So how can you join in the Black Money Matters Movement, without a bank in your area?

Thanks to modern technology, long distance banking is almost as easy as banking in your neighborhood. Many of the larger Black-owned banks offer online banking. Deposits can be made by taking a copy of your check with your telephone, bills can be paid online, and ATM cards make getting cash a breeze. You can even open an account online.

If you’re the kind of person who would still like to reach out and touch someone, consider opening an account at the only Black-owned bank in Kansas, Liberty Bank and Trust. Liberty has branches in both Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO. The New Orleans-based bank, founded in 1972, is the second largest Black-owned bank in the country with $550 million in assets. The bank has mostly through acquisitions and made its way into the Kansas City market through the acquisition of the Black-owned Douglas Bank.

Sidney King, Liberty’s Regional President for Kansas and Missouri, was the keynote speaker at both the 2016 Financial Freedom Expo sponsored by The Community Voice and the Kansas State Conference of NAACP Branches and the Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce’s Black and White Ball. At both events, King openly courted Kansans to open accounts at the bank and to apply for loans. The bank even has a online application for its “Freedom Fast Loans” with money deposited in your account within hours.

Checking and saving accounts can be opened with just a $50 deposit.

Still don’t feel comfortable with moving your account? Keep your current account and make Liberty a secondary account. It’s good to diversify and build relationships with another bank. As King said during his Wichita speech, “you need to date your banker.” Just don’t show up and ask for a loan, develop a relationship with them first.

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