Veteran Democratic strategist Donna Brazile stepped up at the last minute to serve as interim chairman of the Democratic National Committee after embattled Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned from her position the day before the convention was scheduled to begin. Although her resignation was effective at the end of the convention, Wasserman Schultz was forced out of having any public role in Philadelphia after leaked committee emails showed top DNC staffers scheming against the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Brazile, who was already the committee’s vice chair of voter registration and participation, addressed the convention Tuesday night.

“I sat at the back of the bus at a time when America wasn’t yet as great as it could be,” she said in a rousing speech to the packed hall. “As long as she (Hillary Clinton) is in charge, we’re never going back, and that’s why I’m with her.”

Brazile, who is used to making history, was the first African-American to manage a major presidential campaign, working to try to elect former Vice President Al Gore in 2000.

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