UPDATED AUGUST 4: Newcomer Mark Dupree unseated incumbent Jerome Gorman taking 59% of the votes in this Democratic Primary. Gorman had held the seat since 2005. Dupree, is an attorney and minister with deep roots in the community. Hi father is a well-known Kansas City pastor Dupree,34, is married and the father of four young children., His wife is also an attorney.

Since there is not a Republican candidate to face off against in Novemeber, Dupree is the presumptive winner of the seat.

UPDATED JUNE 9: Mark Dupree will take on incumbent Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome Gorman in the August Primary. Dupree, an attorney in private practice, is a Kansas City native with deep roots in the community.

PRINTED MARCH 24: In what could be one of the most contentious Democratic primaries of the year, Kansas City native Attorney Mark Dupree has filed to run against incumbent Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome A. Gorman. Dupree, definitely has the background and pedigree to give Gorman race for his money in heavily Democratic Wyandotte County. Dupree, the son of a historic Kansas City Pastor, is himself a pastor as well as a partner in a private legal practice with his wife Shanelle. With both experience as a defense and prosecuting attorney, Dupree is definitely qualified for the position and with an impressive background and picturesque family, this primary race should prove interesting, If people of color show up and vote.

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