UPDATED AUGUST 4: Topeka community activist Ben Scott failed in his bid to hold on to the seat he was appointed to fill late last year.  He was defeated by Vice Miller, a retired Topeka Municipal Judge.  Miller received 72% of the votes.

UPDATED JUNE 9: Ben Scott, a Democrat who was appointed late last year to fill an unexpired term in the 58th Kansas House Seat, Topeka, has two Democratic opponents in the August primary.  One opponent is recently retired Municipal Court Judge Vic Miller.  His other opponent is Democrat Brett Kell.  There isn’t a Republican opponent in this race, so the winner of the primary is the likely winner.  

PRINTED MARCH 24: KS Rep. Ben Scott, who was selected last fall to fill a Topeka-based house seat vacated by Harold Lane, can expect some competition in his first election for the position. Scott beat out KS Board of Education member and Democratic Party faithful Carolyn Campbell for the position in the vote of Democratic precinct representatives. Campbell says she plans to run for the position in the primary where she feels she has a good chance to prevail. Both Scott and Campbell have a long history of political and community activism in the Topeka area and this should prove to be a heated contest. Their challenge will be convincing district voters that there is enough difference between the two candidates. If they can’t, complacent electorate may just sit the primary out.

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