The call for Black Lives Matter has rubbed many the wrong way. Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, called the call for Black Lives Matter, “Inherently racist.”

“All Lives Matter,” declared Guiliani on Fox News, after listing a litany of races that “Matter.”

BLM participants aren’t saying Black lives matter more than anyone else’s. It’s saying Black Lives Matter “too” or that Black Lives “Should” Matter, but the way that the justice system, media and police have been operating, suggests that Black Lives Don’t Matter.

“In each of these situations, Black people are devalued in ways that other groups don’t necessarily experience,” says Comedian Franchesca Ramsey, on her MTV Podcast “Decoded.” “Black Lives Matter is just trying to make sure people don’t overlook those differences, and how they acutely impact Black people’s lives.

“Using the sound logic of the “All Lives Matter” argument we should also shut down the divisive insidiousness of Breast Cancer walks because they ignore prostate cancer and leukemia. All cancers matter, right?” writes Michael Marriot, host of The Black One podcast.

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