About 100 protestors, cheered on by an equal number of onlookers, held a Black Lives Matter March in Wichita on Tuesday evening July 12. The protests ended without any violence or negative interaction with the police, leading everyone — both police and protestors – to classify the demonstration a roaring success.

Informed early in the day about the march, Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay made a decision to limit police interaction with the protestors. He kept officers in the area, in case things became violent or an incident occurred. The protestors did however interact with the Kansas Highway Patrol, when they tried to gain access to Interstate 135. About 50 troopers block all entry and exit points to the interstate at 13th Street and the troopers remained stoic when taunted by protestors. The troopers blocked off About 50 troopers blocked off all access to the interstate at 13th street. Protestors were allowed to demonstrate their concern about police brutality with minimum disruption.

The multi-cultural crowd of protestors marched from 13th at McAdams Park to Hill.

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