Make the Catch! (MTC) is a clothing line that was originally founded to support cancer awareness and athletics! The premise was there is nothing like supporting  your teams and representing someone that you know who has battled any form of cancer. However, based on customer demands, the line now encompasses a wider range of diseases, such as heart disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, SIDS and more. 

A philanthropic line, MTC donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of apparel to a health related charity. Initially, a portion of sales will be donated to groups helping to motivate, educate and conduct cancer research.

Dr. Rhea Rogers, the founder of RAR Innovative Enterprice, LLC, and creator or “Make The Catch!” (MTC), a is a cancer survivor who prefers the term cancer conqueror. She’s also a sport enthusiast and developed the concept of Make the Catch in Oct. 2012.

An avid football lover, as she watched an NFL football game, she envisioned the answer to the NFL’s partnership with the American Cancer Society and the “Crucial Catch” Campaign. 

The “Crucial Catch” Campaign, supports the fight against breast cancer by focusing on the importance of regular cancer screenings. “I wanted people to ‘Make the Catch.’ I also wanted people to motivate and educate others to promote early detection of all cancers. Beyond breast cancer, Make the Catch! promotes awareness and prevention of all cancers in all people, because “we are more alike than unalike” – a concept taught to Rogers by the late great Dr. Maya Angelou. 

After stewing on the idea of Make the Catch, Rogers was motivated to complete a logo demonstrating “Make the Catch by the untimely death of a young man she knew.

With the completion of the foundation and non-profit status, grants will be awarded to provide education on three components: Before The Catch (BTC), Make the Catch!® (MTC™) and After the Catch (ATC).

MTC™ will launch on Fri., July 29 at Newport Grill in Bradley Fair, 5-7pm. At the launch, attendees will learn more about MTC and Cancer Awareness, meet the founder, listen to cancer conqueror stories, enjoy live music, view and purchase MTC™ attire, and most importantly contribute to Cancer Research.

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