The four-day convention from July 25 to 28, will largely be confined to the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Convention Center in Center City and the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. However, attendees will pack the hotels, restaurants, and bars across the area, do a lot of protesting, reporting hours of news, and infuse millions of dollars into the local economy.

The Formal Agenda

•During the day, sessions will be held at the Convention Center, with activities open to the public. Although a formal schedule of meetings hasn’t been released, a typical days schedule will include:

• State delegation breakfast meetings at their respective hotels featuring speeches from various campaign personnel and state leaders.

• Beginning around 10 a.m., delegates will take part in caucus and council meetings held at the Convention Center. Some of the caucuses and councils that will hold meetings include the Black, Hispanic, LGBT and Women’s caucuses. Other councils likely to meet include: disability, ethnic, faith, labor, Native American, rural, senior, small business owners, youth, veterans and military families.

“It’s going to look like America,” Deputy Press Secretary Christopher Huntley said. “It’s going to be great to see how diverse and inclusive our convention is compared to what you will have seen in Cleveland the week before.”

• The evening sessions at the Wells Fargo Center are open only to the 5,000 delegates. The sessions will feature speeches, entertainment and party business, like ratifying the Democratic platform. Of course the delegates will nominate a presidential candidate. As customary, Clinton will likely give her acceptance speech on Thursday, the last night of the convention.

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