The draft includes many of the provisions sought by Sanders and his allies on the minimum wage, death penalty and more. But it lacks concessions they sought on climate, trade and healthcare.

“This draft touches on the many pressing issues facing Americans and includes new language on economic inequality and the minimum wage, Wall Street reform, reproductive health, criminal justice reform, and voting rights, among many other topics,” Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a memo to platform committee draft members.

The Drafting Committee held public forums in Washington and Phoenix before voting to approve the platform on June 25 in St. Louis. The platform is expected to gain the approval of the full, 187-member Platform Committee at a forum being held July 8-9 in Orlando, Florida.

The platform was drafted by a group that included various members of Congress, community stakeholders and representatives from both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns.

Minimum Wage Increase

The draft platform states Americans should earn $15 per hour and have a right to join a union, and it supports a so-called “model employer executive order” to raise standards for federal government contractors.

Abolish the Death Penalty

It calls for the complete abolishment of the death penalty, stating, “It has no place in the United States of America.”

Wall Street Reform

On Wall Street, the platform lays out a number of reforms proposed by Clinton, Sanders and other Democrats, and states the party “will not hesitate to use and expand existing authorities as well as empower regulators to downsize or break apart financial institutions.”

Social Security

The draft platform calls for making community college free and easing student loan burdens through a number of measures, like a Student Borrower Bill of Rights.

Hyde Amendment

The draft calls for repealing the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the use of taxpayer funds for abortion, and states the party will “strongly and unequivocally support a woman’s decision” on abortion.

A LOT more

It calls for giving the District of Columbia statehood, banning assault weapons and overturning Citizens United. Democrats vow to protect voting rights, “reaffirm our commitment to eliminate poverty,” and reform the criminal justice system to make it easier for people to re-enter society after incarceration.

What Bernie didn’t get

The platform also takes a step towards Sanders on drug policy, saying states should be able to decriminalize marijuana if they chose to. Marijuana reformers, including Sanders, proposed a plank to take marijuana completely out of the Controlled Substances Act.

On climate change, the Sanders wing tried to insert a ban on fracking and a tax on carbon. Neither made it. However, the draft platform makes a strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions and investing in renewable energy.

Sanders and Clinton sparred on health care this year, with Sanders calling for a single-payer system and Clinton favoring a more pragmatic approach to expand the Affordable Care Act.

The draft platform states, “we believe as Democrats that healthcare is a right,” but it does not mention single-payer.

Key Highlights

National Democratic Platform 

                                    •Raise Minimum Wage

                                    •Abolish the Death Penalty 

                                    •District of Columbia Statehood

                                    •Ban assault weapons 

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