Civil rights leader and former D.C delegate to Congress Walter Fauntroy will appear in a Prince George’s Country courtroom next month on a charge that he bounced $55,000 check. 

He was arrested by U.S Customs and Border Protection officers Monday morning when he arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport from Dubai, UAE. He was released after spending a night in jail. He is due to appear in court July 20.

An arrest warrant was issued for Fauntroy in January 2012 on charges of writing a bad check for $55,000 to a catering company for an inauguration ball he planned for President Obama in 2009 at the Gaylord National Resort at National Harbor. Soon after the warrant was issued for Fauntroy to appear in court, he took a trip abroad and remained in the United Arab Emirates, reports The Washington Post.

Fauntroy, 83, was a delegate to the U.S Congress for two decades and a candidate for the 1972 and 1976 Democratic presidential nominations. 

He worked with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to organize the 1963 March on Washington. 

His wife of nearly 59 years, Dorothy Fauntroy, who endured bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings without her husband, looked elated about his return. Asked how she felt after the hearing, she smiled and told a group of reporters, “Wonderful,” and declined further comment. 

The newspaper says Fauntroy flew back to the U.S because he believed he wouldn’t be arrested – part of the catering bill has been paid – and he wanted to work on a project to install green-energy power plants and other devices to generate clean water and energy in impoverished areas around the world. 

Until recently, with the exception of his closest friends and advisers, the public had no clue what Fauntroy had been doing abroad. Not even his wife said she knew. But Dorothy Fauntroy, nearly 82, has been steadfast in her support of her husband. 

In May, The Post published a story revealing that Walter Fauntroy had been living in the UAE trying to secure funding for a humanitarian project that would install green-energy power plants and other devices to supply poor people around the world with clean water and energy. There was no evidence he obtained money for the project. 

The Post also reports Fauntroy has also become obsessed with numerous conspiracy theories that U.S or Persian Gulf intelligence operatives were monitoring or blocking his phone calls and emails. He fretted about the power of Jews and worried about the “four aristocratic banking families” running the world’s financial affairs. 

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