Multiple people depend on clearly displayed house numbers. Services range from delivery drivers to emergency responders. A badly displayed house number can cause considerable delays. 

“It really is a small thing that people don’t think about until they need it, said WFD Battalion Chief Bradford Boyd. “In instances where house numbers are difficult to see, darkness or brush overgrowth for example, addresses on the curb line are extremely helpful to first responders.”

Seniors are particularly vulnerable because they are less able to go outside to signal the emergency vehicle. That is why retired Wichita City Fire lieutenant and Speak Out Kansas director Chester Selmon approached the organization’s members with the idea of painting addresses curb side for Seniors in the Speak Out Kansas neighborhood. 

Organization members and volunteers will paint the house number on the curb line at no charge to senior citizens. Initially the service is available only to a limited number of residents who live in the zip code 67214.

The group will begin painting addresses dates in July and August for homeowners 70 years and older living in the zip code 67214. Call Speak Out Kansas at 316-440-7887. The deadline for applying is July 22.

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