Monique Boatner sees a lot of herself, as a teenager, when she looks at her daughter, Jalyn Ellison. That’s why she calls Jalyn her “Mini Me.”

Jalyn feels she inherited her mother’s self-determination, and hard work ethic. Jalyn says, “it is not only her determination that has rubbed off on me but her leadership skills, I call it her ‘bossy character.’” Jalyn also possesses that leadership trait and currently holds three higher positions in debate, the step tam, and circle of friends. 

They both enjoy talking and catching up on what is going on in their day-to-day activities such as what is happening in school or what happened at work. 

Monique still enjoys that her daughter climbs into bed with her like a little girl where they love to just laugh and talk. But most of all they enjoy their Mother Daughter days which can consist of catching up on the latest episode of Scandal or going out to dinner. Their biggest enjoyment is shopping where they always walk out of the store with more than what is needed. 

Whenever they are in public they are often mistaken as sisters, which drives Jalyn crazy, she hates to think of her mother as “young.”

It was Monique’s mother, Nita Willis who convinced them to enter the contest. She did not have to do much convincing, they knew they had an undeniable resemblance. 

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