Gwendolyn Stanford says that besides their looks, she and her daughter have similar personalities. She says her daughter is smart, caring, has great will power to endure their trials in their lives, and that they are both overcomers. 

Daughter, Vanessa Talbert, says the most important lessons she received from her Mom are that family is most important, to have unconditional love for people, and the gift of forgiveness. 

Both ladies have a gift for decorating, like to travel and most of all they enjoy being with each other everyday. 

They entered the contest because everywhere they go people comment on how much they look alike, or they say “I know you are Gwen’s daughter, and I say, ‘yes I am.’” Or they will ask Gwen if she is Vanessa’s mom. 

Gwendolyn Stanford and Vanessa Talbert also won our online voting contest. Community Voice Facebook fans, and fans of Gwen and Vanessa, cast their vote for the duo by liking their Facebook posts. The duo with the most likes won. Congratulations Gwen and Vanessa for our first double win. 

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