Angela Bates is the Executive Director of the Nicodemus Historical Society and headed efforts to establish Nicodemus as a National Park. As an educator and historian she performs first person characterizations of Black Women of the West, makes public speeches and writes articles like this one. 

“Although I grew up knowing my dad had a pony, it wasn’t until about twelve years ago that I discovered he rode ‘Dick’ to deliver The Kansas City Call and Chicago Sentinel,” says Bates who has just finished a children’s book about his experiences, entitled “Rudy the Paper Boy and His Horse Dick,” one in a series entitled, “The Adventures of Nicodemus Annie.”

The series is written from the perspective of a 10 year old girl who is taken in her dreams by her deceased great cousin and historian, Lula Craig, to see Nicodemus in the ‘olden days.’ “Rudy the Paper Boy and His Horse Dick” can be ordered by calling Angela at 785-421-3311.

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