Shawnee County and the City of Topeka are partnering once again with MRC Recycling to offer county residents an opportunity to dispose of their unused household electronic items. 

The next Topeka/Shawnee County E-Cycle event will be on Sat., April 30 from 9 AM – 1 PM at the intersection of 8th and Madison. 

“After the first E-Cycle event had people lining up for blocks around the drop site, we knew we had to do this again,” said Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast. “It’s a tremendous opportunity for Topeka residents to dispose of their unwanted items in a responsible, environmentally friendly way, and we’re delighted to support it again.”

The first Topeka/Shawnee County E-Cycle event, held Sept. 26, drew more than 650 participants and collected 90,000 pounds of materials for recycling. Roughly 650 people came out, contributing 90,000 pounds of materials for recycling.

MRC will accept dozens of electronic items – anything that plugs into a wall or takes batteries – free of charge. Accepted item range from desktop PCs, DVRs, and televisions to 8-Tracks, printers, and land-line phones. 

While there will be no fee for the CRT monitors, all TVs, projectors and consoles will cost between $20 and $50. MRC will transport the items to its facilities for proper disposal, which involves removing any materials that can be hazardous to the environment or recycled. 

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