You may have noticed the lack of action on the construction of the $4.25 million expansion at the Health Core Facility on East 21st Street. Teresa Lovelady, the center’s CEO, confirms it’s more than cold weather that has the project running behind schedule. 

“There are a lot of moving parts with the construction project and yes, we were delayed due to the steel order and eventually the weather,” wrote Lovelady in response to our inquiry. Her revised anticipated completion date is February 2017. 

In case you missed it, The Center for Health and Wellness changed its name effective January 1, 2015 to Health Core, and soon thereafter announced a new 40,000 sq. ft., three story addition to the facility. Construction of the first phase began late last year with optimistic plans for  a year-end completion of the first phase and a second phase completion date of June or July 2016. 

Once completed, the clinic footprint of the faculty will dramatically increase from its modest 9,000 sq. ft. existing footprint. In addition, the center’s services will also expand. Expanded services will include: a women’s health center, a pediatric wellness clinic and a geriatric specialty center, a dental clinic and a pharmacy. 

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