Nearly 1,000 people showed up for Clean-Slate Day, a program that offered free expungements for Sedgwick County residents. The program, offered by the Wichita Bar Association, indicates a clear need for the services. 

“We didn’t run out of money,” said Atty. Robert Moody, one of the event organizers. “We just ran out of time.” 

Moody says people started lining up as early as 6:30 a.m. By 9 a.m.. when the program was scheduled to being, Moody said the group realized they needed to begin turning people away. 

The group was able to expunge 195 records during the five hour event held March 4 at the Sedgwick County Courthouse. The program provided free legal services and covered the filing fees for the expungement. Both the attorneys and the judges volunteered their time and the District Attorney office provided seven investigators to complete the criminal records background checks. 

After the background checks were completed and an individual was determined to be eligible for an expungement, they met with an attorney who completed the paperwork and then they went before the judge. 

Even though it was assumed the expungement would be offered, Moody say the group tried to make the process as ceremonious as possible by bring the individuals into the court room and having them appear before the judge. 

The program was funded by donations from the Volunteer Bureau, local realtor Colby Sandlian and Stand Together. With money still available, Moody says the group hopes to offer the program again. When? He’s not sure. 

“We’re meeting to figure that out,” Moody said. It’s a matter of getting time on everyone’s schedule since all of the services were provided free of charge. 

If you were among the lucky 100 plus additional people the group was able to information on, expect a call. 

“We’ll be calling everyone we have on an information sheet to let them know what’s next,” Moody said. 

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