Residents in 20 neighborhoods in Topeka will be able to get rid of their large, unwanted items or free during two Curb Your Clutter weekends in April.

Residents in the designated neighborhoods can leave bulky items on their curb the night before the event. The next day, staff members from Shawnee County Solid Waste and City of Topeka Street Department will pick up the unwanted items for disposal. Residents in the selected neighborhoods will be provided flyers with this information and their relevant pickup date. 

Items that cannot be picked up are: batteries, tires, concrete or rock rubble, construction or demolitions debris, vehicles, and hazardous materials. Staff also won’t pick up yard waste, like tree limbs. However, the city has coupons for free yard waste drop off at the Recycling Facility at I-70 and MacVicar. 

The 20 neighborhoods included in the Curb You Clutter campaign are low-to-moderate income neighborhoods with Neighborhood Improvement Associations — both requirements for the roughly $9,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding used to support the program. 

Curb You Clutter, under various names, has been a partnership between the City and County for 10 years. 

“While Shawnee County allows for one large bulky item each week as part of its normal service, we realize not everyone has our service and that some people may have more than one large item they need to dispose of, particularly this time of year,” said Shawnee County Solid Waste Director Tom Vlach. “In fact, last year we picked up 44 tons of waste. So we know that there is a great need for this program, and we are happy to be able to partner with the City to offer it again and enhance the community in which we all live.”

Pick up dates and neighborhoods:

April 1 and 2 

     •Tennessee Town

     •Central Park

     •Chesney Park 

     •Valley Park

     •Quinton Heights Steele

     •Likins Foster

April 2

     •North Topeka West

     •Ward Meade


     •Historic Holiday Park

April 15 and 16 

     •East Topeka North

     •East End

     •East Topeka South


     •Jefferson Square

     •Highland Acres

April 16

     •Historic North Topeka East


     •Central Highland Park


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