Earlier today at around 8 a.m. the Hutchinson Police Department was contacted by the administration of Hutchinson High School concerning a possible threat to Hutchinson High School

The Hutchinson Police Department currently has two Hutchinson High students, one 14 year old and the other 15 year old, in custody for conspiracy to commit capital murder.

UPDATE: The beginning stages of the investigation revealed that recently, two HHS students had devised detailed plans to harm students and faculty of the HHS.  These plans along with hand written instructions on the construction of a pipe bomb were obtained by investigators from these two students.  Also found was a detailed document prepared by the suspects, logging the surveillance of specific HHS staff members who were intended to be their first victims.       

15 year old Carson Cabral and 14 year old Ayrton “Alex” Marroquin both of Hutchinson, have been taken into custody and placed into juvenile detention on charges of Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder. Two local residences have been searched and additional evidence of their intentions has been recovered including items they intended to use in the construction of pipe bombs.    

This is an ongoing investigation.  Due to the serious nature of this offense and the need to aggressively follow all leads, we are asking that anyone with information about this case please call the Hutchinson Police Department at 620-694-2816.



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