What makes Archbishop Desmond Tutu call Bryan Stevenson “America’s Nelson Mandela?” It could have something to do with Stevenson’s unyielding fight to confront racial bias at every point in the American justice system.

More than one quarter of a century ago, Stevenson went to Alabama to offer his services as the pro bono defender of inmates on death row. A Harvard Law School graduate, Stevenson has been based in Alabama ever since, and has never tired of his work to help right wrongs in the criminal justice system.

He established the Equal Justice Initiative which has save 115 men from the death sentence. Stevenson has also petition successfully in the Supreme Court to end the legal incarceration of children as young as 13 to sentences of life without parole in adult prisons.

He’s definitely one of the country’s top criminal justice reform advocates and Kansas will have the opportunity to hear from him on Sat., February 20, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. at Saint Mark UMC South Campus, 856 S. Green. His presentation will be free. Stevenson’s visit is being sponsored by the Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty.

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