If you’ve lived in Wichita even a short amount of time, you’ve seen it happen over and over again. There are weekends when there’s so many things to do, you can’t possibly fit them all in. Then the next weekend you’re sitting at home wishing there was something to do.

This may not be the case in some of the Kansas towns we cover, but in Wichita it’s a big deal that can easily be avoided with the use of The Community Voice online calendar. Organizations can go online to our website at www.communityvoiceks.com and post their upcoming events by clicking the calendar link at the top of the page. 

If you’re an organization or an individual that plans ahead, go ahead and post all of your 2016 events and “hold the date.” While we know this doesn’t give a group “exclusive rights” to a date, it does help others make informed decisions. 

We’ve tried this before and this time with the east of the website and the ability to enter your own events, we’re hoping to see even more participation. Individuals, organizations, and churches can go online and post their event. To post, you need to create an account, but that’s pretty simple. All it requires is a login name and password. 

The best news is, anyone can post an event. Due to space limitations, we have to seriously limit the events we include in our print edition calendar. For that reason, we have a policy to only print events sponsored by non-profits and government organizations. On www.communityvoiceks.com, you can post your for profit event, that includes dances at the club, fish fries, bake sales, etc. WE do have final approval of what gets posted, so we ask that you KEEP IT CLEAN and LEGAL. Other than that, go forth and post your event. Click on the calendar link located at the top of the page and scroll down to “Submit Event.”

On the reverse side, when you’re looking for things to do, go online and check out what our community organizations, churches, and businesses have planned for your entertainment and education and then choose to give them your support. 

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