After years of planning and preparation, Holy Savior Catholic Church and Academy has launched a capital campaign with the hope of building a new church and school.

The church officially announced its “A New Hope. A New Home: Built of Living Stones” campaign last month. 

“Holy Savior Catholic Church has, for many years, fed the hungry (God’s Food Pantry), and provided a Catholic education to countless children and youth, both from our parish and outside our parish,” said Fr. Jim Billinger, pastor of Holy Savior. “I hope we can build a church and school facility that will contribute, in an even greater way, to do the work of the gospel in the northeast community of Wichita.”

The project cost is estimated at approximately $12 million. Fr. Billinger said that the most important aspect of the project is that the church and the school – which have been in separate locations for more than 12 years – would be reunited on the same campus. The new building would be located at the existing church site, at 13th Street North and Erie. The school is currently located in a former public school near 15th and Oliver.

The building, would have three distinct spaces:

The church and worship space would be approximately 11,000 square feet and would include a worship space to accommodate 500 people, which is about twice the existing church’s current capacity. 

The school space would be approximately 22,000 square feet and accommodate 300 students from grads K-8.

The shared space, between the church and school, would include a 9,800 square-foot gymnasium and a 4,200 square-foot cafeteria. 

The campus would also have a large playground area for recreational use of the school and church. 

Fr. Billinger believes the church has positioned itself to have a successful campaign. And he hops that people who hear of the campaign will be open to supporting it. Work could begin as early as this summer. 

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