1.) Use a milder shampoo.

   Use a sulfate-free shampoo.   Consider adding cleansing co-washes to your hair regimen. They are even milder than sulfate-free shampoos, especially if they are non-sudsing kind.

2.) Deep condition.

   All you need is 20-30 minutes and even less time. Preferably with heat. 

3.) Wash your hair less often.

   Wash your hair less often. If you’re shampooing twice a week, try once a week, but no less than bi-weekly. Pre-poo your hair with your favorite oil and/or conditioner. A coconut oil pre-poo is the best and prevents damage during your shampoo session.

4.) Steam your hair.

   To avoid saturating your hair on a regular basis, try steaming your hair. You don’t even have to sit under a steamer. You can simply steam your hair while taking your shower just forget about the shower cap or use a handheld steamer.

5.) Wear a hat.

   (with silk lining or silk cap). Protect your hair from the cold by wearing a hat.

6.) Trim your ends.

   The dry, winter air can result in dry, brittle hair. Make sure that your ends are healthy by trimming away any split ends.

7.) Seal your ends.

   After you’ve trimmed your ends, don’t forget to seal your ends to reduce splitting and breakage. Use a heavy oil or butter like shea butter and castor oil to seal your ends to protect them from the dry air. 

8.) Massage your scalp with oil.

   Do scalp massages with oil like jojoba oil of Jamaican black castor oil.

9.) Drink water and eat a balanced diet.

   Hydrate and nourish your body from the inside out. Healthy hair starts from within. Humectants like honey, glycerin, panthenol, and hydrolized silk protein they are designed to draw moisture from the air, but when you use them in the winter months they have the opposite effect . . . dry hair. 

10.) Take the time to properly detangle your hair. 

   Dry, brittle hair is more fragile. Try finger detangling and/or the use of a seamless comb. Only handle your hair if it is pliable. If your hair feels dry and brittle, first spritz with water or steam before handling.

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