The violent and vile double homicide that took place on December 1 claiming the lives of two individuals of our community coupled with the police-involved shooting on December 4 that left a 17 year old west high student in critical but stable condition is the latest of a string of community casualties and concerns.

As pastors and community activist of the Greater Wichita Community, we stand united in our condemnation these cowardly, cold and cruel acts of senseless murder perpetrated in our city and against our residents.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families that have been affected by the selfish acts committed by the criminals and it is our hope that those responsible will be brought to justice for their role in these inhumane acts of violence.

As community leaders we have been in contact with local law enforcement officials and when all the evidence has been turned over to the district attorney’s office the necessary charges will be filed and the appropriate judicial punishment will be levied against all parties involved.

Although the lives of the victims cannot be replaced it is our hope that the legal process will bring the families a sense of closure at such a dark and trying time.

As we continue to push for accountability and transparency within the police department it is only fair that we seek the same level of accountability and transparency from the community in speaking up and speaking out regarding the double homicide and continue our efforts to stem the tide of these violent crimes.

The partnership between the community and police is a vital partnership and that partnership and trust must be cultivated if these types of heinous crimes are to be prevented and solved. If members of the community know anything that will assist local law enforcement please contact the Wichita Police Department with any information that may help in the investigation and subsequent prosecution of the individuals responsible.

This past weeks tragic murders are deeply troubling and under no circumstances acceptable. As a community we can no longer afford to allow these types of violent, vile and nonsensical patterns of behavior to go unchallenged, unchanged or uncharged.

In regards to the police involved shooting on December 4 it is our position to reserve judgment against the officer and Wichita Police Department until a thorough investigation has been rendered and ALL of the facts are presented. We sympathize with the family for the pain this unfortunate incident has caused them and only hope that the family and community would allow the legal process to unfold before casting any negative aspersions that may be counterproductive to the investigation, potential prosecution and community morale.

As community leaders we are working in concert with local law enforcement and the district attorney’s office regarding this matter and we assure the family and members of the community that all lines of communication are open and information is being decimated to the respective community leaders and groups regarding certain aspects of the investigation.

Although all matters pertaining the investigation are sensitive and cannot be fully disclosed we expect that local authorities working with along with KBI which is standard protocol in all police involved shootings, will work with the utmost integrity and transparency throughout this investigative process.

During this process we are asking that ALL members of the Wichita community reserve judgment one way or the other as we are doing until all of the facts have been brought forth.

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