The Missouri state university system name Michael A. Middleton, a 68-year-old African-American, as interim president at the University of Missouri. Middleton was an undergraduate and law school student, later a law professor, and then an administrator at the university. Middleton, who retired last summer as deputy chancellor, replaced Timothy M. Wolfe, the president of the four-university system who resigned under pressure earlier this month.

Several student groups that have clashed with the administration endorsed Mr. Middleton’s appointment. Noting that he had been among students who made similar demands in 1969, Mr. Middleton said that in his years in administration, “it was extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get the institution to devote the kinds of resources necessary to have a significant impact on this problem.”

An activist group, Concerned Student 1950, had demanded changes at the university, including a big increase in the number of Black professors and staff members, and courses for staff members and students on racial awareness and inclusion. 

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